Cielo Huarache Slip On Sandals


We have a limited restock of our much loved Cielo sandals that sold out so quickly. We only have 75 pairs available so don't miss out. 

Our Cielo leather huarache sandals have been handmade by artisan shoemakers in Mexico. Each pair supports these local makers to continue this tradition, with locally sourced leather and materials. These materials allow the shoemakers to weave such skilled, intricate patterns. The leather begins a little stiffer than our other sandals but softens with each adventure.

✔️ Ethically and traditionally handmade by skilled makers

✔️ Easy to slip on and off 

✔️ Open toe for flexible sizing

✔️ Durable, comfortable, and incredibly cute

✔️ Neutral tan hue that works with every outfit. Perfect if you’re looking for wedding sandals for your little one or preparing for their summer adventures.

Please note that these are completely handmade using the traditional huarache making techniques by a family in Sahuayo, Mexico. The leather is hand cut, hand dyed and hand woven. There will be markings on the leather and variations between them. These are not as refined as our other styles however we are proud to be respecting and supporting these traditional makers.

Available in colourway:
Clay - a neutral shade that sits between tan and the natural colour of undyed leather.
Available in the following sizes:
Place your child's foot on a piece of paper and mark at the heel and the tip of the longest toe, measure the distance between these marks to give you their foot length, this corresponds to the chart below.
Size Age (approx) Measurement (heel to toe)
Mx 14 2 years 14 cm
Mx 15 2-3 years 15 cm
Mx 16 3 years 16 cm
Mx 17 3-4 years 17 cm
Mx 18 4-5 years 18 cm